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At Innoquest, we provide our employees on-the-job training with the objective to enhance their job skills and knowledge with day-to-day practical work applications and experience. We take pride and strive to excel in the roles we undertake and perform through our healthcare expertise to help doctors diagnose and treat patients correctly.

We offer talented and motivated individuals immense rewarding growth and development opportunities. Your career journey at Innoquest will be inspiring, exciting and challenging with our advance total laboratory automation system and technology. If you are interested in any of the roles listed below and have what it takes to be part of our Innoquest family, submit your professional work resume via our e-portal and register your interest with us NOW.

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Medical Technologists conduct laboratory tests, procedures, experiments, and analyses of specimens within certain turnaround time to provide data for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. They analyse bodily fluids like blood, urine, and spinal fluid, to determine the presence of normal and abnormal components. They usually have a Diploma or University degree in Laboratory Sciences, e.g. Biomedical, Life, Medical, Pharmaceutical. Departments available in our main lab include Pathology, Serology, Microbiology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Molecular and Special Chemistry.

Phlebotomists are tasked to collect specimens from patients’ bodies such as blood via venipunture or swabs from a wound for lab tests ordered by doctors. They usually have Nursing certifications or Phlebotomy qualification from a training institution/ college.

IT Professionals like Application Developers, Network and System Analyst, who use coding to write programs, are in demand to enhance the efficiency and security of our Lab Information System. Other IT roles include assisting the users with troubleshooting, software installation, managing infrastructure, etc.

HR plays a vital role in creating an employee-oriented and productive workforce as a business partner in areas including but not limiting to Recruitment, Training and Development, Talent Management, Payroll, Compensation and Benefits, etc.

Despatch Riders and Porters are trained to transport specimens and timely deliver medical reports and other materials, such as consumables/ collection supplies, from our laboratory to our healthcare facilities and clinics.