About Us

Innoquest is born of two well established and respected private laboratories in Singapore – Quest Laboratories (Quest) and Innovative Diagnostics (Innovative Diagnostics) – with its name representing the two individual brands. Innoquest will lead the way by building a laboratory of the future to support doctors, patients and the wider medical community.

Pathology Asia Holdings (PAH), acquired Quest and Innovative Diagnostics in September 2018. After a year of planning and restructuring, we started our journey to merge the 2 entities into one, forming Innoquest Diagnostics Pte Ltd.

In 2022, we are proud to announce the establishment of Innoquest in Indonesia.

Our commitment to quality is assured, with our laboratory standards ensuring that ISO (15189) and international accreditation (CAP) will be achieved. We are aiming to lead the way by building a laboratory of the future that will support doctors, and the medical community of Indonesia by delivering the best laboratory services to help bring up successful diagnosis and treatment for the patients.

Innoquest has sister laboratory facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia.

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Customers can now expect more comprehensive testing abilities, state-of-the-art IT support systems, and an extensive global network of medical expertise.